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Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club is a full service facility providing a Bistro bar, Beer Garden, Fresh Seafood Restaurant in Chinese Cuisine, Angkor Paintball Club obstacle field, Hi- tech Pyramid Disco dome and a modern 3- storey VIP Karaoke building. Located on the east side of the city center, Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club boasts of a peaceful natural ambience with a panoramic view of the Angkor Wat.

The Bistro Garden Restaurant serves a full menu of moderately priced fusion and “comfort” food influenced by the West and Asian cooking traditions. A 1800 meter - square meter Paintball field fronts the restaurant and is complemented with the festive atmosphere of a food court garden. Located at the center is the grand Disco Dome having its concept patterned from the pyramids of Egypt. It has a 350pax capacity and is equipped with state-of-the-art lights and sound system, VIP rooms, draped mezzanine sofas, and a big stage for nightly live entertainment. Serving as backdrop of the entire compound is the karaoke building’s majestic window facade that recreates the splendor of the great PYRAMIDS.

Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club is solely owned and operated by Pyramid Entertainment Center Co., LTD….



Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club will provide a "complete, high-quality" daytime and evening experience for guests searching for something NEW and UNIQUE. Patrons will be able to dine on "comfort" food from Asia’s authentic traditional recipes in a facility with ample patio space perfect for Cambodia’s favorite pastime: alfresco dining.

Patrons will also experience VIP treatment in modern karaoke rooms or simply let their hair down at parties with live entertainment in the discotheque. For the more active and daring, a first of its kind paintball field is available.


Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club aim is simple. It will provide a completely sophisticated, sensual, yet casual dining experience for the many Cambodians, visitors and tourists who frequent the city's dining spots and entertainment venues. It will be an affordable venture for patrons, one that will encourage them to return on many occasions. Angkor Paintball- the first of its kind in Cambodia, the “high tech” facilities in the Disco Club and Modern VIP Karaoke, offering a unique entertainment package will be the center’s prime attraction.


Our management team has many years of combined experience in food, restaurant and hotel, discotheque and lounge operations, business management, finance, and marketing arenas.


The Center will provide a much needed recreational venue of international standards that is currently unavailable to the craving rich young Cambodian professionals, social elites and foreign Dignitaries. Not only is it projected that the business will generate new jobs, the “6- in -1” (multi- branding) establishment will set an example in assisting the Ministry of Tourism and the Municipality’s efforts in providing quality entertainment venues and commercial activity for both visiting tourists and Cambodians alike.

1.3 Keys to Success

Company Ownership

Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club is solely owned and operated by Pyramid Entertainment Center Co., LTD. This is the company’s first venture into the entertainment business. Immediate plans for setting up a similar business in 2 major cities- Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh once Pyramid Entertainment Center in Siem Reap is fully established.


Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club concept is built upon the success stories of Cambodia's many high class dining - disco- karaoke venues. It is located along Road #6 adjacent to the bus terminal near Phsar Chas. In time, Pyramid Entertainment Center will establish itself as an entertainment "destination" of choice to the many residents and tourists within city area, as well as numerous out-of-town visitors.

The Design

Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club design concept is inspired from the great historical pyramids of Egypt. It is unique to the soaring city of Siem Reap. The Center features 6 venues in one (a concept called â ‘Multi-Branding'): A Restaurant in 3 different set up- Garden Food Court, Bistro Lounge on the terrace and Full Service Dining. The main building is a disco dome and a 3- storey VIP Karaoke building serves as the backdrop. Right- side of the main entrance is the Paintball obstacle field fronting the Bistro Garden Restaurant. This concept offers customers variety, multiple dining and entertainment options within a single establishment. The wide- spaced environment and entertainment divisions will broaden our appeal and provide our customers with a different experience on each visit.

Optional Garden & Bistro: Customers can take advantage of the cold summer nights sitting outside our garden feasting on the delectable servings from our various food stalls. The Bistro terrace will offer a special summer menu, featuring lighter fare, exotic drinks, music entertainment, as well as non-alcoholic and vegetarian offerings. The Garden & Bistro setting will be a fun and casual atmosphere for the summer crowd.

Operating Criteria

The Bistro Garden Restaurant will service lunch, dinner, and after-hours dining everyday. Operation starts at lunch time catering to Siem Reap’s middle class and high end residents, visiting tourists coming from the temples, and after-hour patronage from the entertainment facilities in the city area and within the compound. Service for each establishment will be available during the following hours:

Pyramid Restaurant Lunch: 10am - 1pm Dinner: 5pm – 11pm

Bistro Dinner: 5pm – 3am

Beer Garden Dinner: 5pm – 3am

Disco Club 9:00pm - 2 am

KTV Karaoke 1pm - 2 am


3.0 Services

The Bistro Garden Restaurant will feature international and local “fusion” cuisine, an eclectic ambiance, and superior service. Our food will be moderately- priced of the finest quality and prepared with exotic flare. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our success. We will change our menu every 4 months, but maintain the 'favorites' for loyal patrons. Portions will be modestly sized, garnished with stunning presentation.

The Discotheque and Karaoke is fully equipped with the latest in lights and sounds equipment ordered from the United States. All Karaoke rooms are designed to provide an exclusive “feel” while granting “VIP comfort” to our customers. Our experienced bartenders can blend exotic and standard concoctions. Theme parties will be staged every month apart from the local holiday celebrations. International DJ’s and famous stars will be invited to carry out the latest in music and trends.

Our wine list will be modest and primarily focused on wines from California, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. House pouring wines will be sold by the glass, and the remaining labels will be available by the bottle. We will also feature a moderate international beer selection on tap and in bottles. The Bistro, Discotheque and Karaoke bar features a comprehensive selection of liquor bottles and international spirits.

The chef and kitchen staff will have the best in culinary education and work experience. Their creative talents will compliment one another. All Pyramid staff are trained to offer the finest service in a relaxed atmosphere and offer customers an extraordinary dining - entertainment experience.